Child Development
Child Development
Unlock your child’s full potential. Optimize their education, nutrition, physical training, and health care.
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Discover Your Child's Potential and Talents
Many people grow up never knowing their true talents, as talents can be elusive. Knowledge of your child’s genetic makeup will help to accurately pin-point their potential and aptitudes. This can give your child a head start in developing their talents to the fullest.
Optimize Your Child’s Nutritional Plan
Genetics play a key role in determining a child’s overall development, especially during early childhood. Getting to know your child’s genetic background can help you create a personalized diet plan that’s perfect for them.
Understand Your Child’s Behavioral Tendencies
Your child’s temperament is determined by a combination of hereditary and environmental factors. Help your child thrive by harmonizing your parenting style with who your child is, and is supposed to be.
Assess Your Child’s Health Risks
Be aware of your child’s risk of metabolic disorders and dangerous cancers in order to make informed decisions and take preventative actions.
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Behavioral Alignment reports
Emotional Instability
Risk-taking Tendency
Stress-handling Ability
Scholastic Talent reports
Cognitive Ability
Educational Attainment
Math Ability
Language-learning Ability
Musical Ability
Endurance Ability
Power Strength
Cardiorespiratory Fitness
Macronutrient Metabolism Reports
Carbohydrate Metabolism
Fat Metabolism
Protein Metabolism
Nutritional Requirement reports
Vitamin A Requirement
Vitamin B2 Requirement
Vitamin B6 Requirement
Vitamin B12 Requirement
Vitamin C Requirement
Vitamin D Requirement
Folate Requirement
Essential Minerals Requirement
Eating Behavior reports
Emotional Eating
Bitter Taste
Sweet Taste
Health Risk reports
Obesity Risk Score
Diabetes Risk Score
Cardiometabolic Risk Score
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For Adults
Learn everything about your body in order to design the most effective lifestyle, diet, exercise, and health care plan for yourself.
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Health & Wellness
Assess the risk of hereditary diseases hidden in your genetic code, including 20 common types of cancer.
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Our lab in San Francisco hosts some of science's brightest minds.
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We use cutting-edge artificial intelligence to reveal the secrets of your genes.
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