Service includes
  • DNA collection kit (Sample collection tube, Registration form, Guideline)
  • Genetic reports on Genetica app

Family Combo

Original price: 91.800.000đ
Benefits you'll get
Combo includes:
  • 02 G-Kid Pro Packages
  • 02 G-Pro Packages
  • 04 G-Immunity Packages - Unlock reports on risks of viral infection
  • 04 G-Allergy Packages - Unlock reports on inherent risks of allergies
  • 04 G-Stroke Packages - Unlock reports on inherent risks of stroke
  • In-depth consultation with expert
Gene testing is an useful tool to access the risk of hereditary diseases. Before making a purchase, make sure You understand "the Limits and Exclusions of Gene Testing".
Service features

Gene testing is an useful tool to access the risk of hereditary diseases. Before making a purchase, make sure You understand "the Limits and Exclusions of Gene Testing".

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Learn everything about your body

Genetic information helps you change habits, adjust your diet, exercise regimen and take care of your health most effectively.

  • Customize Your Nutrition Plan
  • Optimize Your Fitness Plan
  • Assess the Risk of Hereditary Disease
  • Explore Your Potential
  • Improve Life via Minor Adjustments

Know Your Immune System

Using the latest advances in artificial intelligence and our state of the art—proprietary—technology, we will calculate your polygenic risk score for viral infections by collecting the weighted risk from over 85 genetic variations.

Know Your Allergy Genetic Risk

Identify allergens (from food such as cow milk, eggs, fish/shellfish, nuts, gluten, soy, wheat; or other allergens like insects, pets, pollen, dust, mold), contribute to effective treatments and eliminate the causes.

Know Your Stroke Hereditary Risk

Pathogenic or likely pathogenic mutations that increase risk of strokes (ischemic stroke, hemorrhagic stroke).

Stroke Risk Score: a polygenic score that indicates the patient's increased risk of Stroke.

Provide in-depth knowledge about gene-related causes of stroke.

Information to help make informed medical and lifestyle decisions in regard to the user's risk of stroke, as well as available prevention and monitoring options.

Helpful and personalized recommendations.

Personalized recommendations to leverage your inborn strength and develop yourself

Our genetic result and recommendations from our experts can help you to adjust your plan (if any) or personalize the diet/ sport/training one that is perfect with you.

Simple, Safe, and Non-Invasive

Only your saliva is required. Our advanced technology allows us to extract DNA from saliva. This makes it simpler, safer, and more convenient to run genetic analyses as compared to conventional procedures that rely on blood samples.
Simple process
Step 1: Receive DNA collection kit
Genetica will send the DNA collection kit to your address.
Step 2: Collect and send your saliva sample
The saliva extraction is simple and painless. You can easily follow the steps in the attached guide. After that, please notify us via Genetica mobile app or hotline for sample collection.
Follow guideline in this video
Step 3: Receive genetic report
Your genetic reports will be issued after 30 working days, counting from the day we receive your qualified saliva. Read your report on Genetica mobile app or your registered E-mail box.
Receive the report on Genetica mobile app.
View sample report

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