Service includes
  • DNA collection kit (Sample collection tube, Registration form, Guideline)
  • Genetic reports on Genetica app


Benefits you'll get
With 65 genes analyzed, G-Care report provides facts about your essential traits. From these knowledge, you can find the right healthcare plan for your body.
Service features
65 genes analyzed
100+ results & personalized
For individuals over 18
saliva only
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Customize Your Nutrition Plan

Good nutrition lays the groundwork for a healthy life. Be informed about how your body reacts to specific nutrients in order to help fine-tune your eating habits and improve your health.
Carbohydrate Metabolism
Fat Metabolism
Protein Metabolism

Optimize Your Fitness Plan

Exercise smarter, not harder. Knowing your genetic makeup helps design the ideal workout plan that works for you.
Cardiorespiratory Fitness

Assess the Risk of Hereditary Disease

Genetic mutations can be problematic. They can produce unwanted medical conditions that cause dangerous diseases. Knowing how your genes affect your health will help to tailor a proactive healthcare plan.
Breast Cancer/Prostate Cancer
Stomach Cancer
Asian Flush

Explore Your Potential

Understand yourself better. Instead of wasting years of your life on fruitless efforts, discover your strengths and weaknesses and what works and what doesn't.
Stress Handling Ability
Emotional Instability

Improve Life via Minor Adjustments

Additional factors about your body are no less important. An awareness of these factors can give you an advantage, allowing you to apply small but critical changes that can improve your quality of life.
Belly Fat
Caffeine Sensitivity
Insomnia Tendency
Simple process
Step 1: Receive DNA collection kit
Genetica will send the DNA collection kit to your address.
Step 2: Collect and send your saliva sample
The saliva extraction is simple and painless. You can easily follow the steps in the attached guide. After that, please notify us via Genetica mobile app or hotline for sample collection.
Follow guideline in this video
Step 3: Receive genetic report
Your genetic reports will be issued after 30 working days, counting from the day we receive your qualified saliva. Read your report on Genetica mobile app or your registered E-mail box.
Receive the report on Genetica mobile app.
View sample report
G-Intel Adult
0% interest instalment plan
0% interest instalment plan
User objectFor individuals over 18For individuals over 18For individuals over 18
Gene analyzed181 genes65 genes300 genes
ResultUp to 50+ resultsUp to 100+ resultsUp to 500+ results
Reports on mobile app
Behavioral Alignment Reports   
Introversion - Extraversion
Stress-handling Ability 
Emotional Instability
Risk Taking Tendency
Scholastic Talent Reports   
Intelligence Quotient (IQ)
Emotional Quotient (EQ)
Educational Attainment  
Cognitive Ability  
Mathematical Ability  
Language-learning Ability  
Musical Ability  
Athletic Ability Reports   
Endurance Ability 
Physical Strength 
Cardiorespiratory Fitness 
Recover Ability  
Injury Tendency  
Muscle Strength  
Exercise Benefits  
Weight Management Difficulty  
Macronutrient Metabolism Reports   
Carbohydrate Metabolism 
Fat Metabolism 
Protein Metabolism 
Nutritional Requirement Reports   
Vitamin A Requirement  
Vitamin B2 Requirement  
Vitamin B6 Requirement  
Vitamin B12 Requirement  
Vitamin C Requirement  
Vitamin D Requirement  
Vitamin E Requirement  
Folate Requirement  
Essential Minerals Requirement  
Nutritional Wellness Reports   
Food & Drink Sensitivity  
Emotional Eating  
Detoxification Ability  
Cardiometabolic Health  
Response to Weight-loss Diet  
Other Reports   
Caffeine Sensitivity 
Insomnia Risk 
Belly Fat Risk 
Health Risk Reports   
Asian Flush 
Diabetes Risk  
Cardiometabolic Health  
Cancer Risks Reports   
Breast Cancer 
Prostate Cancer 
Stomach Cancer 
Ovary Cancer  
Bladder Cancer  
Brain Cancer  
Cervix Cancer  
Intestine Cancer  
Endometrial Cancer  
Esophageal Cancer  
Kidney Cancer  
Liver Cancer  
Lung Cancer  
Pancreas Cancer  
Pheochromocytoma & Paraganglioma  
Colorectal Cancer  
Skin Cancer  

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