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Fill contact informations on your saliva collection tube beside the barcode so we know it belongs to you, and mail it back to our office. Then it will be send to our lab in USA.

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Our rigorous standards ensure quality service.
  • Our Genetic reports meet high-quality US standards for being scientifically and clinically valid.
  • Our kit is manufactured in accordance with United State’s Good Manufacturing Practice regulations
  • We owned cutting-edge technologies in gene decoding as Genetica. Genetica is powered by  Artificial Intelligence and approved by Illumina US.
  • Our R&D are PhDs, scientists and medical experts from the top US universities.

Why choose GENETICA®

We empower individuals with valuable personalized information. Our simple saliva collection process makes genetic testing accessible and practical to everyone.

Using only saliva, we analyze hundreds of genes and thousands of markers to give detailed reports on wellness, hereditary cancer and child development.


GENETICA® is the leading genetic testing company focusing on Asian population. Most of the existing genetic tests are developed for Caucasian population which are not suitable for people from Asia. At GENETICA®, we develop our genetic tests from the ground up for Asian population. We leverage Artificial Intelligence to build a proprietary database for Asian genomes.


GENETICA® is headquartered in San Francisco, California, USA . All of our genetic tests are developed by Ph.Ds  from Cornell University and University of California, San Francisco with more than 10 years in genetics research. We work with ILLUMINA, the number one sequencing company in the world, to produce a custom array for our genetic tests. Our custom array is certified by Illumina to have a call rate of >99% and data reproducibility of >99.9%.


We provide a wide range of Genetic Testing services and packages so that you can choose the service based on your needs. We also provide group discount and a minimum of 15% for the second order.

Our Services

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Child Development

We analyze 137 genes to give user a detailed report about your genetic to child development.

Personalized Nutrition

We analyze 85 genes to give a you a detailed report about your genetic to nutrition

Personalized Fitness

We analyze 77 genes to give user a detailed report about your genetic to fitness.

Hereditary Cancer Screening

We analyze 97 genes to give users a detailed report to assess their risks on 18 common cancers.

Care stories

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Genetics just got personal.

These are the stories of Genetica customers. Your experience may be different since everybody's DNA is unique.

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Always grateful

“I am satisfied with the Gene report of Genetica® Service. To know this Gene analysis is meaningful to me for rearranging my exercises more effectively.”

Vy Le

a triathlete

Thank you!

I could define the practicing method which is tailored-made for my health and the exercise progress.

Lam Nguyen

an endurance runner

Efficient collaborating

The Gene report of Genetica® Service of GENETICA® help me to understand my strengths and weaknesses. This allows me to personalize my fitness plan to perform well.

Anh Nguyen

a proud husband and father

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