Asked Questions
What is genetic testing?

Genetic testing uses laboratory methods to decode our genes, specifically at the DNA (Deoxyribo nucleic Acid) instructions, which we inherit from our parents, in our cell. Genetic testing can determine inherited traits including our educational or fitness potentials, physiology, nutritional requirements, behavioral tendencies & health risk scores.

What are the benefits of genetic tests?

There are many different types of genetic tests. Genetic tests can help to:

  • Optimize your fitness training plan.
  • Optimize your nutrition plan.
  • Unlock your potential talents.
  • Enhance your strengths.
  • Improve on your weaknesses.
  • Diagnose diseases.
  • Identify gene mutations that are responsible for an already diagnosed disease.
  • Determine the severity of a disease.
  • Guide doctors to decide the best medicine or treatment for certain individuals.
  • Identify gene mutations that may increase the risk of developing a disease.
  • Identify gene mutations that could be passed on to children.
Do I need to get blood for a genetic test?

No blood, only Saliva. Genetica provides a Saliva Collection Kit to collect and preserve the DNA from oral mucosa in your saliva sample.

What are the differences of genetic test done by Genetica® from others?

Genetica® uses a genotyping array focusing on Asian populations & artificial intelligence to test your genes. The technology we use has been approved by ILLUMINA - the worldwide leading genetic testing organization - to be 99.9% accurate.

Genetica® tests a variety of genes impacting one trait. Therefore, your result report will be more objective and precise.

Instead of using blood to extract & analyze your DNA, we use your saliva to extract DNA from your oral mucosa. This method helps increase the amount of collected DNA & provide a more purified sample since saliva contains less impurities. By using saliva, our sample collecting procedure becomes much simpler, more convenient, and more time-saving.

Genetica® follows a strict and conscientious gene analysis procedure based on the US standards, so you can rest assured about the quality of our services. 

Genetica® takes pride in having a board of advisors with high expertise, including scientists, doctors, and professors from the best facilities in the world such as Harvard, Stanford, Cornell, etc.

Can I collect the saliva by myself?

Yes, you can by following the simple steps below:

  • Step 1: Open the hopper and spit into the Saliva Collection Tube until the collected liquid amount reaches a marked line.
  • Step 2: Detach the hopper & seal the tube tightly with a blue cap provided in the kit.
  • Step 3: Shake the tube 3 times to blend the Saliva with preservative.
  • Step 4: Write your full name and date of birth on a tag on the tube. Then put the tube in a provided plastic bag & seal the bag, keep the white foam inside, and put the bag back into the box.

See below link for more visual guidelines: (Video link)

Any special guidelines to collect saliva samples?

Yes, please follow these guidelines 30 minutes before collecting saliva samples.

  • DO NOT eat, drink, kiss,
  • DO NOT brush your teeth
  • DO NOT smoke nor chew gum

How accurate is the genetic test with Saliva?

Using saliva as samples for genetic testing can be broken down into two steps: separating DNA from your oral mucosa and analyzing it. Thus, the precision of this procedure depends on the genetic decoding chip and its reference data.

Genetica® can proudly inform you that our scientist team has created a decoding chip suitable for the Asian population, incorporating top-knot artificial intelligence and biological technologies. Our chip has been approved by ILLUMINA - the number one company in manufacturing array and sequencing with the correctness/ reproductivity of greater 99,9%.

How much do I pay for a genetic test?

Genetica’s Genetic Tests prices vary from 3,500,000 VND, depending on the requested services.

How old do you have to be to use Genetica’s gene testing services?

There’s no age limit because gene tests can be carried out as soon as birth. However, services related to Hereditary cancer screening can only be used after the age of 18 according to US laws.

What kinds of genetic tests are provided by Genetica?

Genetica provides services related to the fitness, nutrition, education, potentials and hereditary cancer risks, specifically as follows:

For adults:

  • G-Care (Basic service)
  • G-Pro (Comprehensive service)

For children:

  • G-Kid Care (Basic service)
  • G-Kid Pro (Comprehensive service)
  • G-Autism (Hereditary Autism risk screening)
  • G-ADHD (Hereditary ADHD risk screening)

For health:

  • G-Health (Hereditary cancer screening)
  • G-CoVi (Hereditary susceptibility to Respiratory Viral infection screening)
  • G-Stroke (Hereditary stroke screening)

Where does Genetica’s quality stand in the genetic testing field?

Genetica is a technology company. Our scientist tem has created a decoding chip suitable for the Asian population, using Asian reference data, and incorporating top-knot artificial intelligence and biological technologies in the US. Our chip has been approved by ILLUMINA - the number one company in manufacturing array and sequencing with the correctness/ reproductivity of greater 99,9%.

Genetica applies AI into our gene analysis which is certified by Illunima. The Illumina platform (standard/ commercialized) arrays have an average call rate of >99% and data reproductivity of >99% with capacity to process up to 5,760 samples per week on the Illumina iScan system.


What are the benefits of genetic tests for Child Development?

There are many factors contributing to your children’s talent potentials. The more you understand their genes, the wiser/ better you bring out their genius. Besides your parenting time commitment and training environment, the genetic information of your children can significantly help to unlock their talents potentials, enhance their strengths and limit their weaknesses. From such information, you can map out developmental plans matching with your children’s nutrition requirements, fitness/educational potentials, and behavior tendencies.

What are the benefits of genetic tests for Personalized Nutrition?
  • A healthy and balanced diet is important for the survival and quality of human’s life. Our bodies get the energy they need from food: Some genes are responsible for metabolizing food and converting it into energy, while other genes are responsible for eating behavioral regulation, energy storage, nutrition plan adaptability & food consumption. 
  • Learning more about your genetic makeup can help you to optimize your dietary habit adjustments, effectively control your weight, and to prevent related health risks.
What are the benefits of genetic tests for Personalized Fitness?

There are many factors contributing to your fitness. Besides your time commitment and training environment, your genetic information contributes significantly to your training plan and goal achievement.

What are the benefits of genetic tests for Hereditary Cancer Screening?
  • People with certain variants in their DNA are at an increased risk for developing cancers. If an individual has a mutation, there is a 50% chance that their siblings and children also have the same mutation. Getting tested can give users the information to make their preventative plan.
  • We built a custom genotyping array focusing on genetic susceptibility to diseases in East and South Asian Populations. The array includes the latest content curated for the following variants:
  • Common pathogenic germline mutations reported in Clinvar (National Institutes of Health) and ACMG (American College of Medical Genetics) databases. 
  • Common likely pathogenic germline mutations reported in Clinvar (National Institutes of Health) and ACMG (American College of Medical Genetics) databases.
How many cancer risks are included in the Hereditary Cancer Screening Test?

The 20 most common cancers in Asian Population are covered in Genetica’s genetic tests.

What is the order process of our genetic tests?

Genetica provides scientific and professional services through the registration for genetic test including: 

  • Step 1: Service Registration & Payment
  • Step 2: Saliva Sample Collection
  • Step 3: Registered information confirmation & Sample quality’s validation
  • Step 4: Saliva Sample Delivery to our lab in San Francisco, US
  • Step 5: DNA extraction
  • Step 6: DNA/gene sequencing
  • Step 7: Quality control
  • Step 8: Report analysis
  • Step 9: Report validation
  • Step 10: Report issuance 

After 60 working days, users will get the genetic test results through Genetica app.

How long can I get the genetic test report?

The collected saliva sample will be sent to the US for testing. You shall receive the report in 60 working days with details of genetic information and experts' recommendations.

What is the form of our genetic test report?

The genetic test report (online and downloadable .pdf format) will be sent in English/Vietnamese (depends on user’s request) to the user's account in Genetica app.