Service Delivery Process
Content Genetica® Customer Term Cost
Step 1 Register Services (S) Registration confirmation of Customer
  • Customer registers for service;
  • Customer pays service cost
5 days from the date of registration According to the listing Service Cost
Step 2 Payment Confirmation Genetica® confirm payment Notice of the completion of Service Registration and Payment to Genetica® 3 days from the payment date
Step 3 Send Sample-Collecting Kit Send Sample-Collecting Kit to customer's registered address 5 days from the date Genetica® receives the Service Cost in full amount Genetica® will incur the cost of sending the Sample-Collecting Kit to Customer
Step 4 Sampling Instruct customers to take saliva samples and install Genetica® application via phone / email (if Customer requests)
  • Collect saliva sample;
  • Complete and fill in Service Request Form correctly;
  • Provide necessary information on the Genetica® application;
Immediately after the Customer receives the Sample-Collecting Kit
Step 5 Delivery Sample Send the Sample back to Genetica® 3 days from the sampling date Customer will incur the cost for sending the Sample to Genetica®
Step 6 Receive Sample
  • Receive samples;
  • Preliminarily evaluate of samples quality.
Step 7 Sample Quality Control a. If the sample meets the standard criteria: Begin the gene decoding process.
b. If the sample does not meet criteria standard: Genetica® will send Sample-Collecting Kit to the customer for the second time sampling. Collect saliva sample Repeat from Step 3
  • Genetica®: incur the cost of sending a Sample-Collecting Set;
  • Customer: incur the cost of sending the Sample to Genetica®.
c. If the sample still does not meet the standard criteria for the second time => Stop providing service & refund the service fee after deducting the fee of the Sample-Collecting Kits.
  • Temporarily stop using the service;
  • Get back the Service Cost.
7 days from the date of Genetica® confirmation regarding the failed sample. Genetica® will incur the cost of transferring the refund to Customer.
Step 8 Genes Analysis & Decoding
  • Transfer the sample to the lab
  • DNA extraction
  • DNA sequencing
  • Quality control
  • Report Analysis
  • Report Evaluation
  • 60 Working Days from the date of receiving the qualified Sample from Customer
  • If after 30 days from this date Customer has not received the Report => Customer may request to cancel the contract (if desired)
Genetica® guarantees a refund of the Service Fee if the Report is late not due to Customer's fault and / or any Force Majeure Event.
Step 9 Sending Report Send the soft copy Report to the Customer account via the Genetica® Application Log in by the phone number registered at Service Request Form to receive the Report. Customer receives Reports via Genetica® Application
Step 10 Consulting Consult on genetic report (if the customer registers for counseling).
  • Schedule a counseling appointment (if any);
  • Attend the meeting as appointment;
  • The appointment can be changed only 1 time and must be noticed in advance at least 7 working days.
  • Make an appointment: 30 days from the date of receiving the Report.
  • Attend Counseling:
    • Individual: 30 days from the date of the Counseling Appointment and Consultation Payment.
    • Corporation: 15 days from the date of Counseling Appointment and Consultation Payment.
  • Customers Pay for Genetica®;
  • Customers who do not attend the consultation and/or fail to notify the change of the counseling appointment on time will lose the Consultation Cost;
  • Not applicable in case of Force Majeure Events.