Service includes
  • DNA collection kit (Sample collection tube, Registration form, Guideline)
  • Genetic reports on Genetica app
  • Consultation with Genetica's expert


Benefits you'll get
Identify early risk of diabetes to adjust diet, exercise and prevent complications
Include a report explanation session with our specialists
Service features
103 genes analyzed
For all ages
saliva only
How to use
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Identify your diet, fitness program to prevent diabetes and complications

Heredity increases the risk of diabetes type 2, while environmental factors trigger the disease. Adjusting your lifestyle: diet and excercise based on understanding of your genetic makeup and expert's personalized recommendations help you reduce the risk, prevent complications
Simple process
Step 1: Receive DNA collection kit
Genetica will send the DNA collection kit to your address.
Step 2: Collect and send your saliva sample
The saliva extraction is simple and painless. You can easily follow the steps in the attached guide. After that, please notify us via Genetica mobile app or hotline for sample collection.
Follow guideline in this video
Step 3: Receive genetic report
Your genetic reports will be issued after 30 working days, counting from the day we receive your qualified saliva. Read your report on Genetica mobile app or your registered E-mail box.
Receive the report on Genetica mobile app.
View sample report
Meet Genetica® Experts
Our Experts are highly experienced doctors from major hospitals and research institutes
across the country.
Customer Service
Leave your information, Genetica® will contact you within 24 hours.
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