Worriers and warriors – It’s in your genes

The role of COMT gene is related to the activity of an enzyme also called COMT. This enzyme has the job of deactivating the neurotransmitters released in response to stress. As the COMT enzyme breaks down your neurotransmitters, the physical signs they have produced will start to subside. If the enzyme works slowly, neurotransmitters won’t be broken down as quickly, so levels will remain higher for longer in the brain. If the enzyme is hardwired to work more quickly, neurotransmitters will be broken down far more rapidly and so levels will tend to be lower. 

Worriers: Reduced clearance of neurotransmitters because the COMT enzyme is working slowly will result in higher levels of dopamine in the brain. Such people often have a lower pain threshold and an increased sensitivity to stress 

Warriors: A genetic predisposition towards increased COMT activity will lead to decreased dopamine levels. This is connected with a higher pain threshold and an increased capacity to deal with stress.

Full article here: https://www.amchara.com/genetics-dna/how-our-genetics-predispose-us-to-react-to-stress