Health & Wellness
Health & Wellness
Assess the risk of hereditary diseases hidden in your genetic code, including 20 common types of cancer.
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common cancers
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Simple, Safe, and Non-Invasive
Only your saliva is required. Our advanced technology allows us to extract DNA from saliva. This makes it simpler, safer, and more convenient to run genetic analyses as compared to conventional procedures that rely on blood samples.
    Know Your Risks
    Some cancers run in families and you may be at risk of cancer if your relatives have one form of it or another. Knowledge of your own genetic makeup helps you accurately assess your risk of cancer and create a better healthcare plan.
      Customize Your Cancer Screening Plan
      Unnecessary cancer screening carries its own risks, including physical distress, bleeding, and even cancer itself. In some cases, especially when symptoms are absent, general cancer screening might not dig deep enough to detect the presence of cancer. By understanding your genetic makeup, you can build a targeted screening plan to accurately detect cancer, reduce side effects, and save on costs.
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        List of tested cancers
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        01Bladder cancer
        02Brain cancer
        03Breast cancer
        04Cervical cancer
        05Colon cancer
        06Endometrial cancer
        07Esophageal cancer
        08Kidney cancer
        10Liver cancer
        11Lung cancer
        12Ovarian cancer
        13Pancreatic cancer
        14Pheochromocytoma & Paraganglioma
        15Prostate cancer
        16Rectal cancer
        17Skin cancer
        18Stomach cancer
        19Testicular Cancer
        Other services
        For Adults
        Learn everything about your body in order to design the most effective lifestyle, diet, exercise, and health care plan for yourself.
        Starting at 4.950.000 VND*
        For Children
        Child Development
        Unlock your child's full potential. Optimize their education, nutrition, physical training, and health care.
        Starting at 4.950.000 VND*
        Gain access to in-depth knowledge about gene-related causes of autism to make informed medical and lifestyle decision for your child.
        3.500.000 VND
        Learn about your susceptibility to viral infection, with focus on respiratory diseases.
        3.500.000 VND
        Self Awareness
        We analyzed 200 genes associated with your inborn personality:
        2.990.000 VND
        Explore Your Ability
        We analyzed 201 genes associated with your inborn intellectual abilities.
        2.990.000 VND
        Experts from the U.S
        Our lab in San Francisco hosts some of science's brightest minds.
        AI technology
        We use cutting-edge artificial intelligence to reveal the secrets of your genes.
        Your information is safe, secure, and accessible only to you.
        Results after 60 days
        Your reports will be available on your phone and sent to your door.